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Rotary Youth Leadership Award - Dist 6450

NNHS & Neuqua Valley Rotary Interact Clubs:

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Youth Services 3 year Goals (June 1 2013-2016)
Criteria: Specific,Measurable, Accountable, Realistic and Timed.


1. Introduce 300 youth to a 1st hand rotary service experience.  For example: mentor ship, RYLA, recognition and volunteering.

2. Create certificate of recognition for individual students who demonstrate "service above self." Award two or more per year for each service area. Post application form links on Services page.
3. Send maximum allowed students to RYLA (5). Have them represent 3 different service clubs. Have Interact guide this process.
4. Amend process for RFP's to allow non 501c3 youth run groups high school groups to apply for funding.
5. Allow youth service groups volunteering at our special events to earn reimbursement stipends for their own group or project.  The Spd5k has some limited funds in the 2014 budget.  
6. Build lists of mentors and mentees in the club and our contacts. Match 50 successful pairs where youth mentee reports they received valuable insight. Offer mentorship opportunity to relevant youth groups identified through school contacts.  (Application form links are already posted at the top of this page on  requested that they be posted on the vocational services page.  (These links can be copied to relevant pages of other organizations as well)
7. Brand Sunrise Youth Services as supporting youth in all Rotary service areas. Partner with groups that already address club goals. Consider JKB, Snowball, teen suicide prevention, Teen Parent connection, Pride, and Bridge communities etc.
8. Follow up with interact alumni to gather input for our program and note any goals for continued Philanthropic efforts.






The Rotary Club of
Naperville Sunrise
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Fridays at 7:00 AM
at the Naperville Country Club,
25W570 Chicago Ave,
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Please check our
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